What Sets Us Apart

Amazing Smiles, One Person at a Time

At Neale Orthodontics, everything we do is focused on you: your comfort, concerns, and smile goals are important to all of us.  Dr. William Neale and our team members ensure every step of your orthodontic journey is one you enjoy, and we promise you’ll finish with a smile you love!

As a patient-centered orthodontic practice, we make you our top priority. You’ll never be treated like a number on a chart or a set of teeth in the treatment chair. Instead, we’ll get to know you as a person, learn about your life and passions, and build a lasting friendship with you.

Here, we know that orthodontic treatment is more than braces and smiles; it’s about the people behind those smiles!

Our Mission

Neale Orthodontics is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality of treatment in a friendly, family-oriented, and professional environment. The mission is ignited by a passion for conducting our practice with those who share our ideals, including respect for the individual and integrity. We want our patients’ orthodontic experience to exceed their expectations, and to give them beautiful and healthy smiles they will enjoy for the rest of their life.

Incredible Smiles at Any Age

Some people think orthodontic care is only available or appropriate for children and teens. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only are we able to create incredible smiles for patients of all ages, but today’s advanced techniques allow us to do so virtually invisibly!

We offer Invisalign® clear aligners as well as clear brackets (braces). These are almost undetectable and make it easy for people to achieve the smile they desire, discreetly. If you’re an adult who’s always longed for a beautifully confident smile, we’d love to help you realize that dream!

Commitment to Exceptional Care

Dr. Neale and our team members believe you deserve the highest quality of clinical care. That’s why we offer leading-edge treatments and advanced technology. We stay current on developments in orthodontics through continuing education, so we’re able to offer you the widest range of the best, current treatment options.

We also believe you deserve the highest quality of customer care. We are here to serve you and want to make your treatment process as stress-free as possible. We’re always glad to answer questions, help with paperwork, find appointment times that work with your busy life, and take a few minutes to find out how you’re doing. If there’s ever anything you need, just ask!

Get your Buzz on!

Neale Orthodontics is a participant with the Goby oral hygiene program, which is designed to encourage excellent at-home oral care practices. 

Now, when you begin comprehensive orthodontic treatment at Neale Orthodontics, you will receive a free Goby Toothbrush. Our goal is to help empower our patients to feel confident about achieving healthy, BEAUTIFUL SMILES by reinforcing great oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. We are committed to building a strong community of BEAUTIFUL SMILES.

Retainers 4 Life

After your braces are removed we create a set of digital study models – a 3D duplicate of your teeth – to make all future retainers from (excluding bonded and Hawley retainers). We will give you this set of models and if you lose or break your retainers we will make new retainers from these models for FREE. (If there has been any shifting due to lost or broken retainers, additional fees may apply.) Another reason to become a member of our BEAUTIFUL SMILES CLUB.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Neale Orthodontics offers two convenient locations, in Fort Walton Beach and DeFuniak Springs, FL. Please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how we can help you achieve the amazing smile you deserve ... one you’ll love for a lifetime!

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